Skyline Content Advertisement

Are you looking for an advertising solution? Skyline Content Advertisement

Skyline Content Advertisement is a plugin that integrates ads/sponsors slots into contents of your Joomla website. Google Adsense, affiliate network and individual sales advertising can be displayed in Joomla articles (com_content) or in K2 articles (com_k2). You can add advertisement for individual article in article edit page, for group of articles in a category and in a category edit page or for all articles in plugin configuration.


  • Compatible with Joomla 2.5 and later versions.
  • Compatible with K2 component.
  • Support 3 positions for com_content: After Display Title, Before Display Content, After Display Content.
  • Support 5 positions for com_k2: Before Display, After Display Title, Before Display Content, After Display Content, After Display.
  • Categories can be inherited ads from parent categories.
  • Display fields for inputting advertisements in article edit page and category edit page automatically (for both com_content and com_k2).
  • Priority displaying orders in descending from article, category to parent category and plugin.
  • Easy to add HTML, CSS and JS tags (Banner, Google Adsense,...).


  • Before Display
  • Before Display Content.
  • After Display Title.
  • After Display Content.
  • After Display.



Skyline Content Advertisement