Skyline Content Categories Accordion

Skyline Content Categories Accordion is a module that shows all content categories as multilevel accordion menu and number of articles within them on Joomla website. The accordion effect is written in native mootools javascript which is supported by Joomla! core so that there will be no javascript conflict when you use this module.

Skyline Content Categories Accordion is fully customizable to display the site's content with up-to-3 themes and variety events and supports. Categories and subcategories can be customized to well-fit users' purposes.


  • Compatible with Joomla 2.5 and later versions.
  • Support unlimited categories and sub categories.
  • Show preview image on mouse hover in themes list.
  • Option to choose level of categories.
  • Option to choose the number of subcategory level to display.
  • Show/Hide empty categories.
  • Ability to show the number of articles within categories.
  • Ability to put more than one module on a page.
  • Support Right-to-Left language.
  • Change speed when expand/collapse categories.
  • Mouse hover delay control.
  • Support SEO.
  • No Javascript conflict.
  • Quick load.
  • 4 default themes style.