Virtuemart Nested Accordion


Skyline Virtuemart Nested Accordion is a module of Joomla! that displays Virtuemart categories as multilevel accordion menu. The accordion effect is written in native mootools javascript which is supported by Joomla! core so that there will be no javascript conflict when you use this module.


  • Fade Effect: This is the option to add fade effect when expanding/collapsing sub-menu.
  • Delay: Time-interval for delayed actions used to prevent the accidental activation of animations (in milliseconds).
  • Duration: Time-interval for expanding/collapsing sub-menu (in milliseconds).
  • Transition: The effect transition for animations.
  • Custom CSS: In some cases, the template style may affect to menu style. You can fix it by adding fixed css to this field without editing file.


Skyline Virtuemart Nested Accordion


Module Configuration