Skyline Menu Pro

Skyline Menu Pro is a powerful module for Joomla! 2.5 and later versions. It not only works same as mod_menu but also supports plugins to transform to other menu types such as dropdown menu, dropline menu, accordion menu and mega menu.

Main Features:

  • By default, works like mod_menu.
  • Supports plugins to transform to other menu types.
  • Plugins can be install through Joomla Extension Manager.
  • Module parameters are flexible and can be changed automatically based on plugin you choose.
  • Plugins are easy to write.
  • Includes Mootools Dropdown Menu Plugin:
    • 5 animation effects.
    • 9 themes included.
    • 30 transitions for animation effects.
  • Includes Mootools Dropdown Menu CSS3 Plugin:
    • 21 lively and clean preset styles.
    • Choose the favorite Gradient style: Linear or Glass.
    • Various options to customize from the basic colors by changing the Gradient Start, Gradient End, Hover and Text color.
    • Flexibility in animation settings.

Basic Options


Mootools Dropdown Menu Options


Mootools Dropdown CSS3 Menu