Mootools Nested Accordion

Mootools Nested Accordion is a plugin of Skyline Menu Pro that makes Skyline Menu into multi-level accordion menu. It is written in native mootools so you don't have to worry about javascript conflict.


  • Select Theme: Theme of accordion menu to be displayed. There are 4 themes: black, silver, modern and modern css3.
  • Right to Left: Right to Left language support.
  • Fade Effect: If you select Yes, submenu will be fade in/out when expanding/collapsing.
  • Event: Mouse event to trigger accordion. You can choose either hover and click.
  • : If mouse event is click and you select this parameter Yes, it will replace parent link with javascript:void(0) .
  • Delay: Time-interval for delayed actions used to prevent the accidental activation of animations when we use {event:hover} (in milliseconds).
  • Duration: Time in milliseconds of expanding/collapsing submenu.
  • Transition: Transition type of animation.
  • Custom CSS: You can use this parameter to fix display conflict with your website template without editing files.

 Mootools Accordion Option