Skyline Keyword Linking

Skyline Keyword Linking is a set of component and content plugin of Joomla 2.5 and later versions. It helps you automatically link defined keywords in Joomla article to your own website page, or elsewhere on the internet. This is useful for improving internal cross referencing pages inside your site or to automatically link to external partner (SEO).

Component Features:

  • Manage keywords by category.
  • Define keywords (keyword phrases) in sigular or plural form.
  • Define internal or external links.
  • Define title for links.
  • Define how to display page when clicking links (open in same window, open in new window,...).

Plugin Features:

  • Works very fast and smart.
  • Define DoFollow or NoFollow for each link.
  • Match any case (ignore case) in keywords.
  • Only link the number instances of a keyword (default is all).
  • Insert custom class to links (hasTip for joomla toolstip).
  • Add tag, style,... to keywords when displaying them. Example: "<strong>{keyword}</strong>".
  • Define where (keyword in what tags) you don't want to link.


This is a demo of Skyline Keyword Linking component. The word Skyline isn't linked because Case Sensitivity is set in plugin. It should be skyline to be linked. This word component isn't linked because 2 other words component was linked (Links Limit).

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